Walk the Plank

I haven’t had time to shoot since getting back from the West Coast. Life has conspired against me. I finally had some time and I took it. I have driven past a marina several times and I have shot there before but wanted to go back and do some more. So having my trusty EM1 with me and the excellent 12-40 lens off I went.

This is just one is just one of many I shot but I like to let them sit a bit before I edit. This is the public docks that you can launch your boat on. The other docks at the marina are locked up so walking out I was shooting the boats and I figured why not set the camera down on the dock and see what happens. I went with black and white to give it drama and a bit more feeling to it. Hope you enjoy.

Walk the Plank

One thought on “Walk the Plank”

  1. The black and white shot of walking on the planks by the boat yard really brings out the texture of the boards along with the angry dark clouds really make a nice photo. We enjoyed.

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