Light, Color, Shadows

I still have lots to go through from Tijuana but I want to just break it up so no one is overwhelmed with too much Mexico and Tijuana. I love the place but I recognize not everyone does. So on the same walk to and from getting my car as the shot from yesterday, I shot these. There is a metal walk way through a small park. The leaf just happened to be there and I liked the way the light was hitting it. So instant photo. The walkway with the light in one section and shadows in another was just something I liked. I pushed the processing to the bleeding edge to keep the light warm and the shadows darker but still trying to convey a warm tone to them. Might have went too far but but live and learn. So enjoy the light, color, shadows.

Light, Color, Shadows


Light, Color, Shadow

2 thoughts on “Light, Color, Shadows”

  1. Enjoyed the photos. Love the leaf. Looks like Fall with the leaf color. I do hope the photographer will take photos of the Fall season up north. We miss that and that is a very pretty season especially in the higher elevation. The light and the shadows in the photos are nice to see. We wouldn’t mind more Mexico photos. Never get tired of colorful photos.

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