1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

This was shot with my new Panasonic G5 that I bought to shoot concerts with because I needed a third body. Wanted to take it out for a test and was in DC for work and the office is a block away from the White House so it seemed a good as place as any to take the picture. Sadly there was a massive protest going on that day so it was a bit congested getting shots anywhere else. On the upside the sheer amount of police around made people nervous about going near the White House. So I got a prime spot, stuck the camera threw the fence and fired the shot. Enjoy.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


  1. Couldn’t you have got a bit closer?

    August 19, 2014
  2. THE MOM said:

    That is a very good picture for the conditions you had on taking it. The White House and the grounds are beautiful. Your camera took a grand photo. Love the sky as well with the clouds. Detail is very nice.

    August 18, 2014

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