My cynical, inner George Carlin side always wonders why if they are psychic would they need a shop. They should know my issues and what I want to do and no need for me to come to them. They can come to me because they know what I want already! Save the rent money on the store front and just wander around charging people. Seems a better business model.

This wraps up the Georgetown stuff I have shot. Thanks for everyone for bearing with my schedule. This was actually posted on Thursday evening along with the last few days so I could enjoy some downtime working on new photos in Mexico. Look for Mexico and San Diego stuff. I am also hoping to get the photos from my super double secret camera back as well. So look forward to some newer stuff and more then just single images.


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  1. THE MOM said:

    Very nice photo of the shops in Georgetown. One can not help falling in love with this area. The architecture is from old school, it has soul. The ease of the area to have a fun day shopping and lunch. That is what keeps Georgetown so popular.

    August 18, 2014

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