Peeking Down An Alley

It’s not often I will leave an image color for its tones and textures. Monochrome images tend to do a better job at it then color. With this one, the color delivered. The mix of the bricks on the two buildings, the glass reflections, the sky and the guy all the way at the end of the alley just make it interesting. I was worried about the sky at first because it was blown out in the original photograph but bumping the exposure a bit and then bringing down the highlights in Lightroom then adding filters in ColorFX got it right where I wanted it without ruining other parts of the image. With my new workflow to finally tweak it out completely I’m very happy. Enjoy.

Peeking Down An Alley

3 thoughts on “Peeking Down An Alley”

  1. Love the photo. The buildings with their mixture of bricks are great. This alley is so clean. Hard to believe Georgetown has a clean alley with all of the people that flow through there. Glad no graffiti had taken place on the walls.

  2. This is a cool photo. The sky really makes it interesting. I have never seen such a clean alley in D.C. Where was this taken?

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