Swirling Skies

I liked the sky in this one. The color version of the image was flat. The morning was grey to begin with so instead of trying to make the color pop out of nothing I went ahead and played with the tones. The city in the background is Rosslyn which might as well be an extension of DC but it really is in Virginia. The bridge is Key Bridge. You can walk across the Roosevelt or the Key Bridge and get to Rosslyn without a problem. Depending on the bridge you end up in two very different parts of Washington DC. One is federal buildings and the other is Georgetown which is a shopping and restaurant hub. So enjoy the sky and the view.

Swirling Skies

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Your photo of the sky and the landmarks are very nice in black and white. The skies, it seems, are more cloudy these days in Florida but also up north. Your pointing out the building and bridges and where they are located is nice and helps all know where they are. Love the photos and the detail of each of Induced Chaos Photo.

    August 7, 2014

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