Hair of the Dog

This is really an old picture from Prague.  I wasn’t what you called an enthusiastic traveler to the city.  I went with a friend and the photos reflect that I wasn’t thrilled to be there.  I am debating on redoing all the images I took and finally editing them down into something cohesive but thats when I finally get around to it.  Until then I was inspired to finally publish this picture because Spike over at Pattaya Days published a pig picture that reminded me of this one so I dug it out and did some editing. I figured if Spike could post a pig shot I could post a dog shot.

For inquiring minds this was shot on my first DSLR ever the Canon XSi and the most craptastic lens ever the Tamron 18-200.  I thought $500 was a serious investment in a camera when I bought.  I have a single lens that cost 3 times that now.  I really need to take up knitting or something else that is cheap.

Hair of the Dog

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  1. Paul Cahill said:

    I think the dog shot works quite well. Interested to see more photos of Prague. It’s one of my favorite cities.

    April 26, 2014

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