The Tair 11A

Here marks the debut of the Tair 11A lens.  For those of you not in the know its a 20 blade, 135mm 2.8 lens.  I picked it up off of eBay mainly because I could.  I found a seller in the US versus the Ukraine where most Russian lenses come from and considering the state of the state over there I lucked out by getting it for less than the Ukraine sellers were offering and it was here in the US.  Neither image is overly spectacular and I was shooting at F4 the entire time but there is some serious bokeh going on.  One of my problems is that I am used to wide format lenses versus the longer lenses.  On a micro 4/3 camera that 135 becomes a 270mm.  I could go into compression and field of view but lets just say its a 270mm for sake of argument.  I also had an issue where the lens was loose from the aperture ring versus the focus ring which caused the lens to slip a bit after focus.  I fixed that so expect to see more from the Tair 11A.

Tair 11A

Tair 11A

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  1. Never got back to express my love for the red flower. Not sure what it is but it is on my desk top with a wonderful look background.

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