Remnants of Summer

The parental units like the nature stuff and I cut my teeth photographing flowers until I could take a picture of a flower in my sleep.  I learned how to edit pics with flowers because they have so much color in them you learn to adjust color and contrast.  These are just some throw aways I snapped while out walking from dropping my car off at the shop for some new tires.

Black Eye Susan Flower

PinK eyed Susan

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  1. You’re right Mom, and I’m really waiting to see a shot of his new tyres in black and grey, vignetted, lightshopped, cropped, centred and all that stuff. Do you think he might throw in a snap of the Buick?

  2. I do so love the flower pictures! I like this time of the year because the trees have such beautiful colors. I do hate and miss the flowers that enhance our gardens during the Spring, Summer and Fall. We all must rest to begin again in the Spring; so must the flowers. I believe the photographer has great insight to bring out the best in all of his photos.